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We Pay Bonds For The People of Middle Georgia

Mission - The Mission of the Middle Georgia Community Bail Fund is to end cash bail in Middle Georgia cities.  Until we are successful, we post bail for our neighbors who cannot afford to pay.

Why We Do What We Do - Do you know someone or have a loved one, family member or close friend who was arrested for a non-violent offense? Did they have a job, apartment or house and minor children living with them; or, were they elderly or simply someone who did something uncharacteristic or "stupid" and got himself or herself arrested? Well, chances are they were or will be required to post bail. What are the chances that they will be able to post bail? Only 25% of arrestees are able to post bail. Unable to post bail, they will be locked up in pre-trial detention for weeks, even months, until their cases are resolved. In the meantime, what happens, they lose their jobs, housing, their families are devastated. Before they are found guilty, in most cases, they have already been punished. Sounds familiar? Refer that person to us.  We want our community members to know that resources are available that will help them to overcome the obstacle of paying to post bail.  We will pay it for them.  Use the online form or contact us directly or call us using the number above.

What Is Bailable?

When someone gets arrested, the offences committed fall under two categories: bailable offenses, and non-bailable offenses. The justice system has already determined what constitutes a crime as bailable non-bailable, so it is not a decision made by the judge for each individual case. But each individual case that is bailable is decided upon after careful consideration of a judge.

MGCBF Process

Understanding Our Process For Bail

Step #1

Step #1

Step #2

Step #2

Completed bail request forms will be reviewed within 3 hours of submission and we will contact you directly using the phone number that you provide.

By posting bail for local Middle Georgia Residents, our Community Bail Fund supports individuals in being at home with their families and in their communities during pre-trial preparations.

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